Logo de la commune de Madiran


Un village à consommer sans modération

Community life

dansing fore 4 – 77 years

DANCE Stephany association dance proposes courses of Modern Jazz from 4 to 77 years but also of

Festival Committee

ur village is hosted by various associations throughout the year. The festival committee is
Terrain du Tennis

Tennis club of Madiran

Small tennis club in the village of Madiran with thirty adults and children alike dismissed. We
logo de Madiran

Association of cycling tourists Madiran

In 2014, the Madiran of Cyclists Association consisted of 34 members including 29 licensees (21
Feu de la St Jean

Traditions Animations à Madiran

Animations traditions in Madiran is an association that brings together most of the same

Club d’art Madiran

Madiran Art Club, Le Prielle, Madiran. Artists of all levels are very welcome. We meet every